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Whether you are currently a contract professional or exploring career options, you’ve come to the right IT contracting services partner. At ObjectGain, we are firmly committed to maintaining the most highly skilled professionals in the industry. Experienced ObjectGain Contracting Specialists would be happy to work with you to understand and pursue your career goals. As a member of our technical team you’ll enjoy competitive pay and challenging assignments with some of the largest companies and emerging start-ups across the nation. ObjectGain can offer what other contract service companies can’t – It’s called The ObjectGain Advantage – making our service unique from the rest.


Independent/1099 Contractors


ObjectGain wants to be a part of your career development. We know that the key to your success is finding assignments that are technically and personally right for you. ObjectGain is committed to matching your skill set to the best opportunity. For this reason, we develop a thorough description of each position and provide you with the company information needed to make a well-informed decision. As an ObjectGain contractor you have the option to pursue or turn down an opportunity that presented to you. ObjectGain will not submit your resume to a client, unless you have given us permission to do so.


ObjectGain values your technical expertise and offers competitive hourly rates to all its contractors. Our Contracting Specialists will chart your career growth and will advice you when a modification should be made to your hourly rate. ObjectGain will pay you for each hour that you actually work at your assignment at a pay rate set at the beginning of the assignment. ObjectGain handles all payroll deductions required by state and federal law. Payroll checks are issued twice a month. You will be paid for the prior period’s timecard. Submitting your signed time card on time ensures your prompt payment.

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